Multi-Storey Car Park Bad Elster "Parking in a park" New Building

Client: Sächsische Staatsbäder GmbH
Services provided: Overall planning and design

In the architectural competition „Parkhaus Bad Elster", IPRO DRESDEN in collaboration with horst I architekten won the 1st Prize and was awarded the design contract for the multi-storey car park. 

The draft design is inspired by the specified location at the woodside in Bad Elster Park. Wild young trees near the worksite provide the impetus for the outside appearance of the multi-storey car park: the main motive is not the multi-storey car park but the park grounds, forest and Albert Bad – the multi-storey car park will form part of the woods, integrates itself into its woodside location. 

The façade is a climbing aid and visual cover, work of art and fulfils its function – larch timber with different cross-sections swinging in the wind like young trees will be placed in front of the façade at a certain distance.

This structure will be an eye-catcher in the first years, but do not look out of place, because the unobtrusive colouration of the timber and its natural colour changes will soon match the colours of the forest and the slope. Later, i.e. after 2 to 3 years, the façade will be fully climbed over by greenery on all sides and thus be an integral part of the park. Only the building’s entrance and exit ways and stairwells will be "cut out". 

The different views receive an elegant momentum by the slight „waist-fit". Decently placed exaggerations of height or „frays" will accentuate the wooden curtain facade.