Magnetto Automotive Treuen

Client: Magnetto Automotive Deutschland (MAD)
Services provided: Draft design, Overall planning and design, Construction supervision

A pressing and assembly plant for the supporting automotive industry was developed in a trade park near Motorway A72 in the Vogtland region.

Structurally the works is divided into a three-storied office and social building, the press hall and the ZSB (assembly) hall. In addition, there will be single-storied technical building located at the eastern intersection between the press and ZSB halls.

The layout of the plant facilities is essentially subjected to the technological and functional requirements. At the same time the building, which also accommodates the head office of EUROSTAMP Deutschland GmbH, acts as the business card of the company. Which is why architectural considerations were also of significance for the external appearance of the building. Due to the aluminium-coloured coating of their outer shell, the production halls appear elegant, technical and unobtrusive despite their sizes.

The administration building is covered in „corporate blue" render and its façade design make it into an architecturally exciting solidium.

The building concept also allows for structural expansion in both directions. The fire protection, structural design and building utility and service concepts have been prepared in such a manner that another building section can be attached to the existing structure without any problems.